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"It’s not always rainbows and butterflies."

About …

I’m a born and raised 18 year old English teenager, who has blondey-brown hair and blue-grey-green eyes. I wear glasses, I’m 5ft8 tall, and I tan easily. I lived in America when I was younger, in Connecticut. My name is Isabella, or Izzy.


On my blog I’ll put anything that inspires me, plus my own photography. I find loads of beautiful photos on the internet, which I’ll also put on here … I often don’t know who takes these, so I can’t give credit to these amazingly talented people. All the stuff on here defines me, it’s all the things I see as beautiful.

I love fashion, nature, animation and photography I have another blog - – where I post a lot of the photos I take. I also have a 3rd blog (to show my girly side) -  I’m currently in my second year of 6th Form, I’m studying Maths, Further Maths, Fine Art and Textiles Art, (and I did English Literature for AS level). So I guess I’m pretty arty but I have a rather clever, mathematical side of me … and I think a lot of people would put me under the ‘nerd’ category.


So my name is Isabella, but most people call me Izzy. Though seemingly more and more people call me ‘Izz’ which I think is quite cute and reminds me of when I was little. Two people call me Bella/Bells which I like because no one else calls me that. My boyfriend Charlie calls me ‘Puff’ because I call him ‘Goof’. But yeah I’ve been called everything and anything that relates to my name even Izzy Fizzy Lemon Squizzy. ;)


My favourite foods are Lasagne, Nachos, Microwave popcorn, my mum’s lentil pie, twiglets, pasta salads, sushi, peas, sweet potato, onion rings, brownies, vegetable crisps, naan bread, poppadoms, pancakes, maple syrup, twirls, every type of cereal ;) and I could not live without the colour yellow – it’s so bright and happy.


kinda in loveEd Sheeran, Mac Miller, 50 Cent, Ben Howard, Reese Witherspoon, Star Wars, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, dusty pianos, space, black and white photography, stubble, lace, elephants, wolves, harry potter, platform shoes, matte black lamborghini’s, men in suits, reptiles, tea, camera focus, old books that I pick up at car boots or charity shops, old films & films set in the past (1950s and before), old music, knitted jumpers (large mens ones preferably), boys clothes in general, bonfire night, clear days with the icy air that makes your nose go numb, autumn.


Music - *Ed Sheeran*, Mac Miller, 50 Cent, Coldplay, Two Door Cinema Club, Foster the People,  Florence + The Machine, Kayne West, The Hoosiers, Tinie Tempah, Bombay Bicycle Club, Ben Howard, Justin Timberlake, Benjamin Francis-Leftwich, Yann Tiersen, Jack Johnson, The Killers, , Chase & Status, Kate Nash, Katy Perry, Gnarls Barkley, Outkast, Counting Crows … etc.


Favourite Memory to date (updated 19th Feb 2012): Going on a walk with my boyfriend Charlie when it was minus 5 degrees, but the sky was crystal clear blue and the sun was setting over the valley which he lives in. And we were so cold and numb, but it was silent and perfect standing there with him. And I’ve never been happier or more content than that moment.


That’s plenty about me, ask more if you want ….

We burst into colours, and carousels.